REVIEW: Acymailing, the cheapest Newsletter System for Joomla Websites

Summary: A review of Acymailing, a Joomla self hosted e newsletter or email system. It comes with email templates and is a newsletter manager suited for Joomla websites. This is a quick and dirty solution for no strings email newsletters for any Joomla website

Video Summary of the Review:

Acymailing, Newsletter software for Joomla!

Acymailing is a comprehensive Newsletter Campaign Software, similar to Mailchimp, for Joomla! websites. It is very cheap to set up, with the lowest tier being a free tier up to 345€ for multi-site use.  Acyba, makers of Acymailing are international and many Joomla! websites use Acyba extensions.  


How it works - the Acymailing difference

Acymailing works by installing itself into your Joomla! account. It functions by using the resources in your server to process and send out emails, much like one of the options for Sendy Newsletters.  Therefore, your email sending will be at virtually no cost because it uses server resources. Acymailing has a free version ready for download on their site:

Simply download and... Install to your Joomla! website from the back end:


Acymailing comes with preloaded templates:

Here's a template up close:

Acymailing has extensive Documentation to teach you how to use it:

AND some documentation comes in the form of video with cool music:

An inexpensive Newsletter solution for Joomla!

Acymailing is a very inexpensive way to do Newsletters through Joomla!. Higher tiers have more features and reporting, but even the free tier is a robust email solution. 

In sum my review is as follows:


  • Cheap and easy to set up and operate
  • Templates are ready for you to copy and/or modify
  • Higher tier versions have full reporting capability
  • Good and helpful documentation


  • If your mailing list is too big and server bandwidth allocation too small, it could slow down your website and Joomla! system.


Overall rating: 5.0/5.0

So what are you waiting for? Get your free or paid version of Acymailing for your Joomla! website here