REVIEW: Beamer, The Best Website News Feed

Summary: Beamer is a news feed tool for all websites. It creates a news feed that informs every site visitor of news and alerts. It is similar to push notifications, except that the central point of access is the website they visit. This tool improves engagements and conversions for any website.


What is Beamer? Why do you need it?

{tweetme}Beamer is a news feed plugin for all websites. Whether you are using WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or some other Content Management System (CMS), it is easy to install and has an intuitive interface.{/tweetme}

Why would you want it? Well, this tool informs visitors to your website of the latest news from your blog or anything you want to promote. This boosts engagement from website visitors, getting up to 10X more user engagement. These outcomes are a major reason why you would want this powerful tool. This Beamer review aims to show that Beamer is a superior news feed tool.


How Does Beamer Work?  

Beamer works in a very simple manner. Simple copy the embed code here:


There is also an advanced code if you want to customise the plugin code. Both technical and aesthetic modifications are possible. Installing it is easy as pie on most websites. All you have to do is paste it before the end of your <body> tag in all pages you want the icon to appear.

You are also able to install Beamer via WordPress plugin. This makes things even easier for people without technical skill. The team has made very sure that this tool is easy to install and use.

You then are able to create a news feed for any activity on your website. All the user has to do is click the Beamer icon. Here is how the icon looks like:


In this case, the Beamer news feed icon will appear on the top right corner of the web page. 

This is how your Beamer news feed will look like:


The Beamer news feed simply pops up after clicking the icon, and all your news items will be displayed. It is a very useful way of promoting your material on a website level. IF you notice the emojis on the news feed, you should note that users can give feedback and reactions of each news item. This is something unavailable in push notifications and makes Beamer a lot more interactive and engaging.

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