COMMENTARY: Why content comes before marketing

Summary: A short discourse on the importance of getting content right for digital marketing purposes. Good content is very important for digital marketing and it is important to get themes right before you start creating the content. A congruent, integrated approach is needed for successful campaigns

Marketing saturation

Every day we are bombarded with advertisements from all angles, in our physical environment, radio, television, and of course,  internet and social media.


Do not put the cart before the horse

Recently, I saw a picture of a cart with "content" written on it and a horse behind it with "marketing" on it.  Unsurprisingly,  the outfit does not seem to be moving. This metaphor highlights an important concept of modern marketing, if you want your marketing to be successful, you MUST produce content your clientele want to consume. Most marketing has little meaning to the person consuming, until it becomes relevant.

A sly tagline will never beat helpful or critical information.

In an age of excess information, finding relevant information is still in demand.


How to go about creating content.  My take

Firstly, your content must have a congruent message. Do not digress too much from one or two themes,  it dilutes your audience.

Secondly,  do not be afraid to imitate. You cannot  produce all the content yourself as an individual,  unless you are a larger business or company.

Thirdly,  give freebies now and then,  people need to sample your work. The economy of free,  like Creative Commons can be astonishingly powerful when used in correct context.

Furthermore,  engage in community. Take time to reply to comments,  try and guest blog,  reach out rather than passively receiving.


Do not forget to percolate

Producing material is hard. Not only is the basic fundamental of language use already a barrier for some, finding of what people want and making it is harder. So do not forget to percolate your ideas. Make associations between ideas and concepts, exercise your curiosity now and then. You never know when material will drop from the sky.


Pace yourself

Creating content can sometimes come as a flurry at once. Do not be over excited, pacing your content ensures that you're content does not cannibalise itself. Let raw ideas develop further before making the content.


Closing words

In the effort to produce content for your marketing,  its never been easy.  But I hope that your passion for your industry or field will drive you to do creative things. Maybe describe how well you did in a difficult job,  maybe place a discount code on your website to get calls for your services. The people who produce information their targets want to consume will always succeed in business.


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