REVIEW: Ugly Email. How to find out if your email is tracked

Summary: Ugly Email helps you detect whether your email is being tracked. Whether it is marketing emails or an email tracker, you can be assured Ugly Email will pick it up and protect your privacy. It is simple and no nonsense software, easy to deploy on any major email client

Ugly email, a Google Chrome Extension that detects tracked emails

Ugly email is a Google Chrome Extension (Soon to arrive in Firefox) that detects which emails in your inbox are tracked. See below:

The basic concept is that when a tracked email is detected, an "Evil Eye" icon pops up next to the email:

Ugly Email works only with Gmail:

 The Ugly Email team is actively increasing Ugly Email's ability to detect tracked emails:

Below is how it works and is displayed in Gmail. I have read complaints that the integration of Ugly Email has caused problems with Gmail, but I personally had no trouble:

This is only a short review because Ugly Email does not do much else. Oh, and by the way, Ugly Email is free at this point in time.

In sum, my review is as follows:


  • Does what it says - detects tracked emails
  • Integrates with Gmail well
  • The extension is free!



  • Only for Google Chrome at this point in time
  • There have been reports of Ugly Email not integrating as it should - but I have not experienced this
  • Does not have any other features


Overall Rating: 5.0/5.0

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