The Australians

Firstly we will look at two Perth based web design agencies, 307 Marketing (which may not be trading anymore, but we have their portfolio) and Two Moons Consulting. We are going to place a disclaimer here. All these websites look amazing, they really do. But when it comes to practical criteria and efficiency, they sometimes fail, as we will soon demonstrate.


Two Moons Consulting

Two Moons Consulting prides itself with having the best talent in Perth. Their websites look great, no doubt about that, but let us see the performance of three of their featured web design projects, which you can look up yourself. But first, let us evaluate their company website:


Gee, their business website, their public face is not very flash. Terrible performance and so so Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Here is a showcased, featured website of Two Moons:


Shocking performance. No responsive mobile design, but hey it looks great...