The Malaysians

Now we are sampling two agencies in Malaysia in the city of Kuching, Sarawak. Surprisingly, the Malaysians, despite being from a developing country rather than a developed one, score better than the Australians, in general. Here are their main business websites:


Hen Design Studio

Now we have some good things to say about Henry (aka Hen). His designs are so aesthetically pleasing it looks like a classy website, we think he is world class in terms of design. However, that's where to compliments end, and we shall see his score:


Not too shabby, but it seems like the guy does not actually know SEO.


KonX Solution

These guys perform much better than Hen, but they seem to like complex designs. We also believe that they generally do good work and know what they are doing, but their performance criteria is only satisfactory, probably because of the complexity and intricacy of their website: