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SEO Web Audit

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Audit

As part of an ongoing service to our website clients, we are able to run SEO Audits on their websites regularly and optimise their web pages for SEO. We are able to assess the effectiveness of current keywords, find & implement new keywords and analyse data from competitors. We are able to address SEO technical issues as well as content issues

No, we can't promise you'll be number one on Google for any keyword you want. But we can promise you concrete returns from a personalised SEO strategy, grabbing you traffic and thus, sales by leveraging unique SEO traits of your business and content

We possess advanced SEO software just like a dedicated SEO agency and can improve SEO dramatically. Our tools include website visualisation, see below:

Website Design

Simple but functional websites

Like what you see here?

We now offer basic to moderately complex Joomla web design. 

Prices are, on average from $500AUD to $2000AUD depending on complexity. Additional extensions and plugins may increase cost and are to be paid separately unless otherwise agreed

Our unique traits are as follows:

  • High performance websites - they are fast
  • Practical effectiveness & efficiency - they get you business
  • Quality aesthetics without compromise on performance - they look amazing
  • Consistency - we can reproduce results time and time again
  • Value for money - it doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg

Furthermore, all our designs are 100% mobile responsive. We also perform spectacularly in many benchmarks, just see below:

You can get a great website too from CLASS Digital Marketing

For more details on what sets us apart from other web design agencies click here to find out our difference

Ask for a quote today!

Email Marketing

Expert Emails

Through work with Kozin Real Estate and other experiences, CLASS can offer specialist email marketing solutions to your business

We can provide solutions for email newsletter systems and newsletter design and can advise on list growth. Don't pay through the nose for Mailchimp, Aweber and so on, and never have an empty mailing list!

We are confident in offering you the best service because of our experience and historical success in bringing measurable results

CLASS has a quota of 50,000 emails a day in the clarenceling.com email client. 

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Consulting

We provide digital marketing consulting and implementation. Our areas are:

  • General Consulting
  • Digital Advertising

Firstly, there will be an initial fact finding meeting, in person or by video link.

Secondly, after the consultation a proposal brief will be prepared outlining proposed actions. Both fact finding and proposal brief are free of charge, and I can explain the brief to you in person or by video link

Implementation of the proposal can be done at fixed quote, or per hour charge, or a mixture of both, depending on complexity


Link Ads

One of our most unique tools Are Link Ads. Link Ads enable you to have attribution to anything you share. What it does is paste an iFrame on top of any compatible webpage, generating a pop up which can redirect visitors to anything you want. See below:

With Link Ads, promoting third party content is not an issue, you will always have a chance to convert the visitor. In fact, we can locate up to hundreds of pieces of viral or high converting material from third party sources that will be more attractive than even your own material at times! Maximise your exposure with Link Ads.



Video Link Ad Example: http://link.clarenceling.com/Xryg

Text Link Ad Example (Bottom Right): http://link.clarenceling.com/Xrt5

Text Link Ad Example (Top): http://news.kozinre.com/XPJX


Latest Tools & Gadgets

CLASS can consult with your business to equip you with suitable online tools to help market your business online. From social media to CRM, we try to find the best tools on the net and match the right ones for your business to bring in profits!


Digital Advertising

We are familiar with both Google Adwords and Social Media Advertising. We can design compliant ads for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, giving you maximum traffic and qualified leads (and sales)

WordPress Security

We have an eight-point security test designed to make your WordPress website safer and harder to hack. Although we cannot guarantee you will never be hacked, we can make it harder for you to be hacked by repairing any security issues identified in this eight-point test. Feel safe with your WordPress website and never feel compromised, feel safe knowing it is not easy for your business to be hacked

Below is an example of a WordPress security audit:


Interactive Video 

CLASS Digital Marketing can also produce interactive videos with various objectives including form submission.

By arranging several videos in a sequence, with various interactivity built in such as "Yes" or "No", the business will be sure to know whether it is a qualified lead, or a junk lead that they should not waste their time on.

The interactive journey enhances each visitor's experience in a tailored manner.

Targeting again is calibrated with social media advertising.

For a working example of how an interactive video might be like, please scroll down until you see the demo video. 


Read More

Personalised Video

CLASS Digital Marketing has a novel and attractive method for your clients to increase engagement.

With a personalised video, which will fetch information from Facebook and various email marketing sources to generate an engaging video to encourage people to engage.

When the video addresses the viewer by name and photo, they will be sure to be impressed and will know you are the cutting edge.

We propose to reach targets using social media advertising, which can be arranged by CLASS Digital Marketing.

We will not bear the advertising fees of the real estate client for any activity.

A basic personalised video using stock video either provided by CLASS Digital Marketing or Livelong Digital will fetch the viewer's name, profile picture and any applicable fields.

Demo: https://link.classdigital.com.au/personalised

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Social Media Management

Besides Social Media Advertising, we can help find and create content to increase engagement with your social media pages, growing your audience and giving you organic traffic. We can also monitor your social media interactions and help you respond accordingly. We are an affiliate of a Joomla Social Media Component, JFBConnect, which you can read about here. We can make your businesses social media accounts filled with activity, with interactions and give you sales!

Klout is a measure of social media effectiveness. Our business' Klout score is a respectable 54. The average Klout score is only 40, and only 5% of Klout users have a score greater than 50 (See here for proof). This makes us within the top 5% globally. Easily. Don't leave your social media to chance, let us manage it and bring you clients!

About the Author

Clarence Ling

Clarence Ling is the founder and business owner of CLASS Digital Marketing. He is a self trained Joomla Front End Web Designer and a Digital Marketer, constantly procuring the latest martech (marketing tech) and incorporating current developments in marketing. Based in Perth, Western Australia, he is also a real estate agent in Malaysia, selling Australian property overseas, attached to the largest and best East Malaysian real estate agency, Kozin Real Estate Sdn Bhd. Clarence regularly commutes between Australia, Malaysia and sometimes other parts of Asia in his line of work. 

Phone (Australia): +61 413 665 375 
Phone (Malaysia): +60 12 818 1160 
Email: clarence@clarenceling.com

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